Get Your FREE Nebraska Bankruptcy Analysis

Do you want a quick, easy and honest review of your financial situation to determine whether you qualify for Chapter 7 Liquidation Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Reorganization Bankruptcy, but don’t necessarily want to sit down with an Omaha bankruptcy attorney or Lincoln, Nebraska bankruptcy lawyer just yet? Then consider Caldwell Law’s free online bankruptcy analysis. You will be able to provide your information through an online questionnaire and have an attorney review it and give you an analysis upon completion. The form is also optimized so it can be completed on your mobile device if you choose. It is as easy as that!

With this analysis you will have a general idea of the following:

  • Whether you qualify for Chapter 7 Liquidation Bankruptcy;
  • Whether your assets will be safe and protected from the Bankruptcy Court under a Chapter 7 Liquidation Bankruptcy;
  • If you were to file a Chapter 13 Reorganization Bankruptcy, whether the length of the repayment plan will be 36 months or 60 months;
  • Whether your unique situation may contain other important issues in bankruptcy.

So what do you need to get started? Have a general idea of your financial situation such as amount of debt and how much income you earn.

  1. Click the link to fill out the form. Within 72 hours an attorney at Caldwell Law will send you a personalized bankruptcy analysis to the email you list in the questionnaire.
  2. At that point you can decide whether bankruptcy is right for you or if you have further questions, you can schedule an appointment.

DISCLAIMERS: This analysis is for informational purposes only. By signing up or completing this online questionnaire, you acknowledge that you are not represented by an attorney at Caldwell Law and have not been provided legal advice until such time as both parties have signed a fee agreement and paid a fee creating that relationship. By filling out the questionnaire, you are not obligated to file for bankruptcy with Caldwell Law or for any attorney. The information you provide will remain confidential.