Compassionate Legal Care for a Reasonable Price

Unlike a lot of Nebraska attorneys, I’m going to tell you what it will cost right from the start. There is no need for you to take the time to schedule an appointment, meet with me as I try to unravel your unique situation and answering your legal questions, and then after spending our 30-60 minutes together for me to finally get to how much it will cost.

For most legal issues, I charge a flat rate fee, which will include the costs for things like the court filing fee, publications costs, notice requirements, mileage, general correspondence, and copies. In other legal issues, like divorce, paternity and modification actions, an hourly fee or a set monthly fee may be imposed.

The purpose of declaring our fee from the outset is to make sure that both attorney and client are clear on what the costs will be when working through your legal issue.

Click a legal issue below for the specific cost:

Bankruptcy/Debt Relief