End of Year Bankruptcy Planning to Protect Tax Refund

End of the year bankruptcy planning

November and December for bankruptcy attorneys is like tax time for accountants. As we head toward the end of the year, bankruptcy filings begin to increase. Why? One aspect of bankruptcy planning for Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases is making sure as much of a client’s tax refund is protected from the hands of the bankruptcy […]

Nebraska Supreme Court Upholds Earning Capacity Use For Child Support Calculation

Earning Capacity for Nebraska Child Support

Caldwell Victorious In Nebraska Supreme Court Case In late September, I mentioned my argument before the Nebraska Supreme Court regarding an issue dealing with Nebraska Child Support. The ┬áCourt held, in Freeman v. Groskopf, 286 Neb. 713 (2013), that using a parent’s earning capacity instead of actual wages is permissible in determining child support under […]

Equal Parenting Fight in Nebraska Headlines Again

Joint Custody Presumption in Nebraska

You may recall that I previously advocated that in all divorce and paternity cases in Nebraska that there should be a presumption that joint custody is in the child’s best interest. The Nebraska legislative bill addressing joint custody and equal parenting time was killed during the 2013 legislative session. A fight between the Nebraska Bar […]

Will ObamaCare Decrease Medical Bankruptcies?

Filing Bankruptcy for Medical Bills

With a major provision of ObamaCare coming to fruition in the coming days, I thought it would be interesting to see how this new law regulating the health insurance industry will affect medical bankruptcies. Back in April 2013, President Obama, in defending ObamaCare, said, “nobody should go bankrupt if they get sick…” While it’s true […]

Child Support Earning Capacity-Nebraska Supreme Court Family Law Appeal

Caldwell Argues Before the Nebraska Supreme Court I recently had the privilege to argue a Nebraska family law appeal in front of the Nebraska Supreme Court regarding a family law case dealing with how child support should be calculated under the Nebraska Child Support Guidelines. Basic Facts: Here are the basic facts and the Nebraska […]

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