Consider Caldwell Law for Compassionate Legal Care

Much like a family doctor cares for your family’s health, we aim to compassionately care for your family’s legal well being. Whether you’re looking for an attorney in Omaha, Lincoln, or Eastern Nebraska, you can be assured that Caldwell Law will treat you and your legal issue with compassion. Caldwell Law is a family practice that helps clients with bankruptcy, debt relief, consumer protection, and filing legal appeals.

Our offices in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska serve to provide our clients throughout Eastern Nebraska the opportunity to meet with an attorney close to home. The technology our office uses allows our clients to meet with an attorney while at home!

How can we help?

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Why Should You Choose Caldwell Law?

  1. Work Directly With An Experienced Attorney- Get knowledgeable information about your unique situation from a qualified and experienced Nebraska bankruptcy attorney. You won’t ever deal with a paralegal, document preparer, or substitute attorney in court. Learn more about Ryan D. Caldwell.
  2. Convenient Locations-We have offices in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska for those who want to meet their attorney in person. We also exhibit the convenience of a virtual office! You can meet with your attorney over the phone or by video conferencing.
  3. Technologically advanced- We use the most efficient technology to save time on paperwork so we can work harder for you. It’s the smarter way to run a law practice. Phone, fax, voice-mail, email, and client files follow me wherever I go. I also text and chat online with clients. We can communicate in whichever mode you feel most comfortable.
  4. Payment Plan Options-Caldwell Law offers convenient payment plans, accepts credit cards, and even Paypal payments.
  5. Free Information and Analysis- Caldwell Law educates clients with a ton of information on this website. Additionally, Caldwell Law provides a free bankruptcy analysis to see what can be done about your situation. Get your Free Online Bankruptcy Analysis now!
  6. Published Fees-Know how much you will likely pay before even meeting with an attorney.
  7. Compassionate Legal CareYou deserve someone who understands what you are going through and is willing to help. That’s what you get from Caldwell Law.
  8. Easy Scheduling-Schedule your appointment online right from this website. You don’t have to worry about making that phone call. See the times that are available and click a few options to schedule.